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New NP Clinic in Bedias Opens its Doors to the Public

The town of Bedias in Grimes County has not had a health care provider since around 1923 — almost a hundred years. That was until nurse practitioner Elizabeth Ellis decided to launch B.I.S. Community Clinic, which will open its doors and start providing primary care to the residents of Bedias, Iola, Singleton and surrounding communities in Northern Grimes County this Fall. With each passing year, Texas' rural health crisis continues to worsen. The B.I.S. Community Clinic opening comes on the heels of a recent wave of rural hospital closures across the state. Lack of rural hospitals is not the only area where Texas falls short. The Lone Star State also made headlines this month when the financial website WalletHub ranked Texas the 11th worst state for healthcare in 2017. According to one statistic cited by WalletHub, over 14 percent of Texas at-risk adults have had no routine visits in the past two years, and only 67 percent of Texas children were taken to preventative care visits in the past year. In rural areas like Bedias, we can except these statistics are even worse. New practices like B.I.S. Community Clinic, and the nurse practitioners who provide care there, can really make a difference in areas of the state that have had little to no primary care in years or even decades. It will be an exciting moment when the residents of Grimes County have a medical home for the first time in years come September, 2017. Check out the full KBTX TV news feature here:

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