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KPRC 2 Houston, More Patients Seeking APRNs for Timely Care

In a recent KPRC 2/Click2Houston news story that ran Wednesday, reporters highlight how a growing number of patients are opting to see nurse practitioners rather than wait weeks for an appointment with a physician. “They just call and see me the exact same day, and that goes back to the ease of accessibility," said Daisy Newhook, a nurse practitioner patient who was interviewed for the piece.

Newhook is not alone. Across Texas, more and more patients are seeking out nurse practitioners to meet their primary care needs and help them manage chronic disease.

“When a patient leaves our practice, I hope that they have the right skill set, the right knowledge and the right attitude, so they can cope with their chronic disease,” said Houston nurse practitioner, Delmar Imperial Aubin. “If I feel there's something that's out of my scope, I can readily get on the phone with my collaborating physician and take care of it,” said Rela Neely, another nurse practitioner form the Houston area. See the full news story here:

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