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Dallas WFAA Piece Shows How Texas Laws Make it Difficult for APRNS to Serve Patients

Four Nurse Practitioners from the Greater Dallas area -- Martha Strong, Juanita Flint, Elishia Featherston, and Maggie Lieser -- shared their stories on WFAA-TV about how Texas laws make it hard for them to keep their businesses open and serve patients to the fullest of their ability.

"When Martha Strong first opened her pediatrics practice at Children’s Clinic of Richardson 12 years ago, she shared a business relationship with a doctor," the WFAA piece by Chris Sadeghi began." "He was a physician and she was a nurse practitioner. Their two clinics were located just two blocks from each other. Then the physician died unexpectedly and Texas law kicked in."

“The day he died, I had to stop practicing,” said Strong. “My ability to care for my patients did not change but, by the laws of Texas, I was not able to practice my profession.”

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