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Campaign Video Highlights Need for APRNs in Texas

Over the past year, Texas Nurse Practitioners has been going out into the community to interview Advanced Practice Nurses, their patients, and key stakeholders in the business and health care community about why it's important to them to remove barriers to Advanced Practice Nurses and expand access to health care in Texas.

Three Stories, Three Reasons to Expand Access

"We were never used to having a stable nurse or doctor or someone to help us through our medical needs, and so they (nurse practitioners) helped me out a lot. "They made sure I got my shots in the right amount of time, got my medicine, and they just really took care of me."

-Wendy Bodecker, patient at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch

“Currently in Texas, I can’t practice my profession unless someone from another profession says I can, and that’s just restraint of trade."

-Tim Flynn, Capitol Nurse Practitioner for 20 years

"The issue of limiting nurse practitioners is just not appropriate -- it's a non-issue. They should be allowed to do everything that they can do, that they are trained to do, and that the patients need them to do."

-Deane Waldman, MD, Texas Public Policy Foundation

---- Full practice is not just an APRN issue, as the powerful testimonies and stories in the video illustrate. It's about putting patients first and expanding options for quality, cost-effective care -- starting with HB 1415/SB 681.

Check out our video above, and share it with a friend, colleague, or patient in your community:

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